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About Us

We are charity foundation with 7 years experience

Kelcherity Foundation is a registered non-profit / non-governmental organization founded by Ssebunya Edgar in Kampala, Uganda. Operating in different districts of the country like Kampala District, Wakiso District, Mityana District, Luweero District, e.t.c. We manage a wide range of sustainable development and humanitarian projects since 2016.

Kelcherity Foundation provides long-term sustainable solutions to problems in rural and urban Uganda which are mainly caused by poverty. Together with the communities we serve we have identified 5 key areas where change needs to have a positive impact if poverty is to become a challenge of the past.

We Are For The People

Water | Education | Agriculture | Social-Economic | Health

Ssebunya Edgar's mission of helping those least able to help themselves started at the age of 15 (after loosing both his parents in 1998 & 2005) and at the age of 20, he established a non-government, not-for-profit organization which designs and conducts programs which contribute to the welfare and social productivity of disadvantaged individuals and communities with an emphasis on children, youth and women.

Kelcherity Foundation addresses some of the most pervasive problems in rural and urban Uganda, including poor healthcare systems, hunger, poor education system, access to clean drinking water, environment degradation and extreme poverty.

In addition, the foundation focuses on empowering the youth of Uganda through leadership and skills training. The organization is founded on the principles that our common humanity is more important than our individual differences. We therefore operate on a non-political, non-denominational, and non-sectarian basis, welcoming each and every Ugandan in need.

Mission | Vision

Mission: Combating economic inequality among African families and creating a livable environment

Vision: Stabilize diverse communities through nurturing prolific masses under stable and predictable environments

Kelcherity Foundation is committed to our headquarters District of Kampala, Uganda. The foundation is committed to making an impact in Kampala Slums through Strategic Community Investments by supporting causes that strengthen community development focus.

Kampala District, Wakiso District, Mityana District and Luweero District are our focus and they host our main and major projects. However, from time to time we facilitate or run other smaller short-term projects in response to the immediate needs of the communities across the country.

We are operating in Namungoona (Lubya Sub-county) in Kampala district, about 10Kms from Kampala city, the capital of Uganda. Namungoona is a typical rural-urban area with about 100,000 people, whose social-economic conditions are very poor. 97% of the youth are jobless and there is a high rate of teenage pregnancy.

The result of the above is a very poor economic base with more than 90% of the families living under the poverty line. The main source of income for people is unknown.

Partnerships | Collaborations | Networking

Apart from being of benefit to the communities, our collaboration and involvement in other projects creates links and partnerships with other NGOs and support organizations.

Kelcherity Foundation collaborates with local, national and international partners in order to bring about sustainable improvements of life in different Districts of Uganda. Kelcherity Foundation aims to improve the living conditions for the rural and urban poor regardless of their faith, origin or gender.

Volunteering | Internships | Gap Year | Career Break

We recruit and host willing, non-skilled and skilled volunteers within our projects in Kampala District and across the country. Kelcherity Foundation seeks to aid in the development of self-sufficient, locally run projects which effectively address the most pressing needs of disadvantaged communities.

Volunteering is an amazing way to gain an insight into the culture of a country. By volunteering with a sustainable and responsible project you will not only become part of the community you work with, but will also be making a valuable contribution to long term solutions for the community served by the project you work with.

The most important part is that it is free to volunteer with us, click here to book your volunteer placement.

7 years of service to the poor, the sick, the needy and empowering vulnerable communities!

Our Mission

Combating economic inequality among African families and creating a livable environment
  • To improve livelihood among poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged children, youth, women, families and communities in Uganda.
  • To mobilize resources and establish educational opportunities for the vulnerable.
  • To ensure that children/youth are safe, healthy, and protected at home, in school and communities.
  • To facilitate the rehabilitation of traumatized children/youth through sports, music, dance and drama.
  • To support community-led initiatives with focus on using sustainable technologies to enhance development.
  • To build capacity and sensitive children/youth and communities on sexual reproductive health, rights and other preventable viral illnesses like HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.
  • To promote and improve food security, nutrition and household incomes through increased productivity and market oriented farming among women, youth, and people with disabilities.

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What we do

We have selected the following problems


We partner with parents and over 40 Ugandan schools to make education possible for children. Families pay 50% of a student's fees, and we pay 50%. Parents are also responsible for becoming more involved in their children’s education through our parents' committees. To date, over 100 students have been sponsored from the primary to the university level. The majority of sponsored students are girls, who are disproportionately denied access to education.

Sanitary Pad Program

Problem: Female students have limited to no access to the products and medication needed to manage their monthly menstrual cycles. Their independence is curtailed, their education is punctuated by monthly absences during their cycle, and their confidence suffers. Solution: By increasing female students' sponsorship donation by $2, each female student will receive education focused on women's health and menstruation. Impact: Each female student is empowered with access to a continuous education, allowed the freedom to choose where she will be any day of the month, and is given the very dignity she deserves.

Mentorship Program

Our mentoring program works to support and keep secondary students in school, a time when they are more at-risk to drop out. Working with partner secondary schools, this weekly course covers topics on building strong self-esteem and leadership, making healthy decisions, and creating a brighter future. Older secondary students are also paired with younger students to learn and support one another.


Our preschool (pre-primary) program provides a safe childcare environment for working mothers and an enriching early childhood education curriculum that prepares young children for formal education.

Technology Program

We provide students and community members with access to computers and computer training to help further prepare them for university studies and other job opportunities.


For the purpose of sustainability, the foundation is looking forward to building an Agribusiness program that will generate income and also work as a training ground for practical agriculture.

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